Saturday, 21 February 2015

First Chocolate


Yeah, that big banner just appeared this morning only when I was walking down to school. The big banner inside a restaurant just beside my house. Somehow, I'm happy and sad at the same time regarding the Valentine's day that's just around the corner. I'm happy for the restaurant owners all over this country that are gonna earn much much much of money on that special day of love. I'm sad too at the same time, because of some reasons. First, of course, because I have no valentine's date for this time, after a terrible break up with my beloved girl, who cheated on me on the previous Valentine's day. It's very terrible, I'm gonna tell you later about that. Second, because I have never ever experienced a special Valentine's day celebration with the girl I love. Yes, I did have a long term relationship with my one and only ex-girlfriend, Olivia. We were together for 4 years before we finally broke up (on Valentine's day, sadly), yet we never celebrated Valentine's day together. She was always busy during February 14th for those 4 years, I didn't know what did she do every Valentine's day, but the conclusion is, we would never go out on Valentine's day, not even a chocolate bar was given to me. I gave her small gifts though, like maybe a bar of chocolate, or a small key chain with flower decoration on it.

Okay, now let me tell you how we broke up in a terrible way. She invited me to a cafe on that Valentine's day. She said that she was gonna sing a few songs for that special day, so I was there to watch her. I knew that she got a very beautiful voice since the very first time I met her during secondary school. So, during that Valentine's day, I prepared a beautiful flower bouquet full of red and white roses to give to her after her performance. I sat on the front table to make my self be able to watch her clearly and give her the loudest hand claps. The sad things happened when I was just about to give her a standing ovation and a special hug right after her performance of "Two is Better Than One (by Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift)". Suddenly a man also stood up at the same time with me and walked towards her and gave her that special hug first, oh and kissed her! Oh my God! Can you imagine how broken my heart was? She got a kiss from another man on that special day and she seemed so happy to get that kiss. I hadn't even got to kiss her! Just because she never wanted me to kiss her and always pushed me away whenever I attempted to kiss her. My heart was broken into pieces. What made my heart broken more was when she announced to everyone in the cafe that she's together with that man called Michael? Oh wait, no, it's Mitch, or Mitchell, ah whatever! Yeah, she announced that the man was her boyfriend! Oh no, then how about me? How about the guy that accompanied her for the whole 4 years in school? Doing homework together almost everyday in school? Seriously, that day was the worst day in my life. I never asked for her explanation, because that single kiss had already explained everything. I threw away that rose bouquet in to the rubbish dumb in front of the cafe and went home straight, locking my self in the room for the next 3 days.

Alright, back to my life now, one day before Valentine's day, and I have no date yet. Well, I guess I'm gonna be in my room watching the Big Bang Theory series alone. Oh, or maybe playing my guitar in the corner of my bedroom, I'm gonna play a few sad songs. Or, just try to sleep, alone, in my bedroom, with nobody. Such a loveless guy. Or maybe, I won't go to school tomorrow, because seeing couples around my school will just create a heart pain for me.



I'm ended up still going to school. Yes, I decided to go to school, because I just realized that today's class is my fave. Photography class. I checked my locker once I reached school. Yes, as I expected, there's no surprise chocolate or any stuffs from a secret admirer. Secret admirer? Hahaha... I'm sure everyone is gonna laugh at me if I tell them that I'm such a desperate guy that expected a secret admirer on this lonely Valentine's day. Well, I can't deny that I wanted a secret admirer though. To heal my heart broken and to forget Olivia. Because there's no more O'Sean (that name was given by our friends because we were so close and I guess O'Sean was a cute name), there's only Single Sean this year.

A few florist promoters are standing in some corners of my school, giving away flowers to some "lucky" students that passed by. I don't want to get those flowers, it will just make me more sad. So, I continue walking to my classroom and enjoy my class.

Two hours later, class is over and I slowly pack my camera kits, then slowly walk out of class. Just before I press the lift button, a girl suddenly hands me over a small pack of chocolate with heart shape.

"Hi, Happy Valentine's day, Sean!" said that girl with a cute little smile.
I thought she was a promoter of some chocolate products, but wait, a promoter will not know my name, since I don't put any name badge on my shirt. Also, I don't know her, she couldn't be my neighbor, right?
I keep her chocolate inside my pants pocket and smiled back at her before I say thank you. I'm a bit stunned, who's that girl? I'm curious. So I go ask around after that day. I collect all the information that I got from my classmates and some people that I know from my campus, and I got to find out that the girl is known to be a student from my school, just that she's from different department. She's majoring in music while I'm majoring in photography. Her name is Olivia (oh, another Olivia? Well, I guess I'm stuck with girls named Olivia). She's so pretty and her smile... Oh that smile that made me stunned. Maybe not just her smile that made me fell in love with her, but also her chocolate. Yes, that chocolate, the first chocolate that I have ever received from a girl. I was so impressed by that chocolate. It's delicious too, I bet it's homemade, and it's made by her.

Gathering more information about Olivia from my fellow schoolmates, I managed to get her phone number (though I had to bribe that friend with $50 to get Olivia's number).
We started texting since then. She said that she didn't expect me to message her though,and anyway, she told me that actually she did give chocolates to all her classmates and some random schoolmates. I feel a bit sad for that, because I thought I was so special to get chocolate from her, but actually... yes, a lot of people got from her. Ah... but it's okay, I still like her.


We chat and chat every single day, until one day, when it's another Valentine's day has come... I encourage my self to ask her out. I'm so happy that she agreed to be my date on this Valentine's day.
We agreed to meet at that cafe, the cafe where I broke up with my previous Olivia. Actually it's kind of traumatic for me to have a date there, but oh well, she asked me to meet her there. Hopefully, she won't embarrass me like what my previous girlfriend did.
Olivia asked me to play a guitar for her performance in that cafe. Yes, she's a regular performance as a singer in that cafe, and she wanted me to play guitar along with her singing.

We meet at the cafe at 6.00 PM and we are performing at around 7.00 PM. I'm nervous, because I never really perform my guitar skill in front of a lot of people.
Around 30 minutes later, the performance finally done and surprising thing happened. She kissed me on stage. My mind is spinning around when she kissed me. My very first kiss! Oh my God, I feel heaven.

We dated since then and yes... that first chocolate, started everything in my life.

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